Call to the Supernatural


Hey there, been sometime since the last blog. Life happened in between but God walked with us. It has been a exciting few months in our life and everyday we have been witness to what God does without our “help” #Heisenough

Everyday in our walk with God, we realize that we have erred in places and situations. our intention to correct is what we call repentance and God loves it too #walkright

Sometime back, I was pondering on the word and i stumbled on James 2:1

My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory.

This is something that we do intentionally and do not consider as an issue in our lifestyle.we may have reasons to look at people differently but the word of God says to look beyond.

The moment we start looking at each individual differently, we stop stop looking at them the way God looks at them. Our intention to differentiate maybe for reasons of personal gain or purely based on personal liking but unless we overcome it we will miss the point of being the sons and daughters of living and loving God. So lets look beyond our preferences and start following the directions of HolySpirit #followthelead

Addressing the core of partiality; we believe what we see and let our steps be guided by it. Our ideas about people and situation are dictated by what we see currently and not what God has placed in them, so let me challenge you to look beyond the natural and the visible #lookbeyondwhatusee

I want to appeal to you to look beyond what you see, because as children of God we are not called to believe what we see rather make things happen by the authority given to us. Lets look beyond your situations and learn to trust in Gods plans. Goliaths are not for destruction but for recognition of Gods work in you #learntotrust

I believe this is certainly the time and season where we as church and as the body of christ need to constantly walk in the supernatural and to look beyond what we see and hear #walkinthesupernatural

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