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Firm Foundation

Do you sometimes feel like you are running in circles? You fight so hard to be holy for God, but keep falling again and again to the same sins. Are you tired and worn out of this endless cycle? You may have a crack in your foundation. It’s as if you are filling the pot […]


Call to the Supernatural

Hey there, been sometime since the last blog. Life happened in between but God walked with us. It has been a exciting few months in our life and everyday we have been witness to what God does without our “help” #Heisenough Everyday in our walk with God, we realize that we have erred in places […]



365 days Woah!!! Each day was a story or an experience to share!! We reached the end of a pretty eventful year and personally we often try to analyze or determine what happened to our last year’s resolution. Some really brave souls lasted more than a month but most lasted a week or less; but […]


Step 1 to defeat the enemy!!!

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Phil 4:4 Read this verse a thousand times but I never really knew what it really meant; saw it on a number of wall hangings, bookmarks etc but never really made much sense to me… So Let me try to break it down to what God taught […]


I want it NOW… but WAIT says the Lord!!!

In this instant/fast/high-speed/non-stop world we wants things and desires to be done and fulfilled super-fast. In this “super”- (ficial) world We make our life so complicated and tangled and result in circumstances where we blame- others, situation and get restless. When we do not get the things we desire or long for we get impatient and our […]


Mine, Mine, Mine….really??

“It’s my life, I will do what I want with it..” and so goes every conversation when confronted with the question of what are you doing with your life. It’s an easy way to get out if Christ is not at the center of your life, but for someone who considers themselves as a Christian […]


Your problem is not your destination!!

In our daily lives we come across many situations and circumstances, some look hopeless, others we don’t care. I want to talk about the hopeless ones today. Going through the word of God lead me to a realisation that all the hopeless situations were used to turn their destinations. When we look at the people […]


Impossible promise!!

We don’t know where God is leading you or going to do in your life, but its unbelievable here!!! So go ahead and learn about someone(obviously Jesus) who said I will never ever (from the beginning to eternity) leave you or forsake you.. So go ahead and try to find someone who can give you the same […]